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How To Download Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum In High Quality ((LINK))

The movie tells the story of Thulasi (Thananya), who comes to Muttam village along with her grandmother (Nagamma) after her parents desert her. She joins a government school in the village to pursue her studies. There she meets Koochan (Ramakrishnan), who falls for her instantly. Koochans mother Chandra (Agavamma) helps the poor Thulasi to pursue her studies. However, things take a turn when Agavamma insults Thulasi and her grandmother and drives them out of the village when Koochan is out on a school tour. A shocked Koochan returns only to meet with a road mishap.

How to Download Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum in High Quality


Meanwhile, Thulasi, who seeks refuge in a family at Tuticorin, is forced to marry a rowdy named Dharman (Tharun Chatriya). On the day of their marriage, he gets arrested by the police. His wayward lifestyle invites trouble, and he eventually gets arrested for murdering a youth. An annoyed Thulasi returns to Muttam, only to see that Koochan has lost himself in liquor after his love failure. Meanwhile, Koochan resolves to set Thulasis life right by helping her grandmother in getting Dharman out on bail. Eventually, Dharman returns to Muttam but ends up murdering another person in his drunken state. Koochan takes the blame on himself and ends up getting beaten up by the village people and arrested by the police. When Thulasi tries chasing the jeep in order to confess her husbands mistake and release Koochan, she meets with an accident. The movie ends with both their dead bodies being buried together and Dharman being arrested for his crime.

The movie received positive reviews from critics and audiences for its realistic portrayal of rural life and emotions. The movie also won one nomination at the 57th Filmfare Awards South for Best Music Director for Yuvan Shankar Raja.

If you want to watch this movie online, you can find it on various streaming platforms like Disney+ Hotstar, Eros Now, and IMDb. You can also download the movie in dvdrip xvid format from various torrent sites. However, we advise you to watch the movie legally and support the makers of this film. 04f6b60f66


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