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Where To Buy Cheap Aviator Sunglasses

Back in the early days of flight, pilots in open-top planes used to wear them to protect against intense sunlight and fierce winds. Today, they just look fierce. Bold aviator prescription sunglasses with their signature brow bar and dark lenses ooze attitude.

where to buy cheap aviator sunglasses


Check out our selection of the best aviator sunglasses for men and women to find the perfect pair for you. Choose prescription or non-prescription lenses, plus custom options like mirrored, gradient or polarized lenses.

What's old is new again. Moving beyond just sunglasses, aviator glasses are making a full comeback, with today's top celebrities and trendsetters sporting this tear-drop shape for everyday wear. Aviator glasses provide the perfect balance for those with wider foreheads and angular features, including square and heart face shapes. At, you'll find aviator glasses frames in an array of colors and materials.

Looking for great shades that won't break the bank? We've tested 12 of the best cheap sunglasses around. We sifted through hundreds of pairs before choosing our lineup for everything from paddling and hiking to trail runs and backyard naps. We tested these sunnies in all kinds of lighting, from intense road glare on long trips to the direct hit of the setting sun. We asked our friends to try them on to see how well they suit different people's faces and styles. Just because you're here on a budget doesn't mean you can't still get a great pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes and augment your style.

The Merry's Polarized Aluminum performed far better than their shockingly low price would suggest. The dark lenses are great on a bright day, while the larger size adds both coverage and extra style. Even our friends who aren't normally into this type of look found themselves enjoying the vibe they got while wearing these shades. On top of that, the keyhole bridge is just enough to add a little flair to this already pretty cool pair of cheap sunglasses. The Merry's also come with two cases and a cleaning cloth, all of which are great quality, adding even more value to this impressive budget pick.

Aviators are classically stylish sunglasses, and the Tifosi Shwae are our favorite pair when on a budget. These cool shades have a great mirrored finish and excellent shape that our testers appreciated. The lenses are pretty good, with a slight rosy tint to their brown shade. The Shwae also have numerous small hidden features that put them a step above the other aviators we've tested, like texturized rubber grips at the backs of the bows to hold them to your face and nose pads in sturdy metal plates rather than brittle arms.

We quite literally hunted through hundreds of sunglasses to find the best budget-friendly models to buy and test. Once they were in our hands, we wore them practically non-stop, taking them on vacations and up mountains. We drove long distances and spent afternoons doing yard work, enlisting the help of our friends, family, and colleagues to help test and rate these cheap sunnies.

Just about any pair of cheap sunglasses will sit on your face, but if you're here, you're like us and want to know that your money is well-invested in whatever pair you buy. We put all the models in this lineup through rigorous side-by-side testing to tease apart their performances across five metrics. Each pair is given an overall score by weighting these metrics based on their overall importance. Below, we break those scores down and get nitty-gritty with the details.

In a group of cheap sunglasses, there are still some pretty significant differences in value. Some of the best-performing glasses are far from the most expensive in this review. The Knockaround Paso Robles are one great example of this. They offer excellent clarity and color, fairly sturdy construction, and come in a staggering array of colors to suit your personal style. The Merry's Polarized Aluminum are another noteworthy pair. These classicly styled shades looked cool on most everyone, with dark lenses and solid coverage, all for a surprisingly low cost. Even our top-scorer, the Shady Rays Classic Timber, aren't the most expensive option we tested, but they have outperformed the rest for the last few years now.

Our full panel of testers checked and judged how comfortable each pair of these sunglasses are to wear for long stretches. We noted where each pair touched our faces and if they were tight on some heads or face shapes. We checked adjustability where applicable and considered any additional features like rubber cushioning and nose pads. We gauged if they felt heavy, imbalanced, or squeezed any of our testers over several hours of wear.

Both the Merry's Polarized and Le Specs Armada impressed us with their unassuming yet elevated style. Our entire testing panel liked the looks of both these pairs. If aviators are your thing, the Tifosi Shwae are our favorites. These glasses have the classic aviator look but with details that make them better than other cheap options, like fully mirrored lenses and tortoise shell covers on the bow ends. The Sunski Yuba are also rather fashionable but more on the spectrum of activewear glasses. They're a tad small, so not all our testers liked how they looked in them, but for those they fit, the Yuba bring up the style.

We first evaluated coverage by looking at the obvious factors, such as the base curve of each pair of sunglasses and their overall lens size. We then went further, asking our range of testers to wear each pair and point out gaps and places they saw flaws in the coverage of each pair. As everyone wears their glasses a little bit differently and we all have different shapes and sizes of faces, coverage can vary between wearers. We noted where we found trends and glaring issues in any given pair.

Loved for its generous coverage and ability to suit just about any face shape, there is no style more iconic than the Aviator. Discover a range of classic aviator sunglasses for men and women from Ray-Ban, or explore the famous pilot style in other top brands like Prada and Carrera. Characterised by a tear-drop lens shape, you can find a huge variety of both metal and acetate aviators to suit your style.

Shop the wide range of Aviator Sunglasses online at Just Sunnies with Afterpay, Fast Delivery and Free Express Shipping* available. Aviator sunglasses are a timeless style originally released in the 1930s as pilot glasses. Characterised by a teardrop-shaped lens and sometimes featuring a double bridge or metal frame, aviator sunglasses have cemented their existence by being suitable for all face shapes. The aviator style has remained a staple in any eyewear collection due to its timeless design making them a definite standout in the fashion industry. Now available in more designs and colours than ever before, browse a selection of aviator sunglasses for men and women including polarised options for the ultimate in UV protection online at Just Sunnies Australia.

Sometimes a cheap pair you don't have to worry about getting stolen or sat on suits your lifestyle better. Our bet for cheap aviators is Knockaround, and its simple Mount Evans frame. They're fully UV400 protective and impact resistant.

Chimi's updated aviators combine a sleek, modern aesthetic with features true to the original aviator sunglasses, which were green and for pilots to see more clearly in the sky. They're made with a super-thin stainless steel frame with anti-shatter lenses.

Bausch & Lomb is well known today for their eye health products such as contact lenses, and some even consider them to be the brains behind aviator style sunglasses. Like many of Bausch & Lomb products, aviators started as a medical necessity for pilots flying combat planes during the First World War, but the actual aviator shape as we know it today was not developed until 1936.

By World War II the aviators became iconic. They quickly became known as the face of aviation and not only did military pilots wear them, but so did commercial and private pilots. As the U.S. retook the Philippines, pictures were taken of General Douglas MacArthur wearing his issued aviators as he smoked his corn cob pipe. The image went viral. Hollywood picked up on it and leading men began to wear them in motion pictures about the war. When the pilots came home in 1945, they brought their issued aviator sunglasses with them. Soon, police officers began to adopt the sunglasses as an official item around North America. Not only did the aviators allow them to keep their eyes protected from the sun, but it also prevented those they were arresting from being able to see their eyes and helped to allow their eyes to adjust from the natural outdoor light to darker rooms when they entered buildings. This prevented shock to their eyes which caused momentary blindness and put the police at a disadvantage when storming a building. Again, Hollywood picked up on this and television shows and films about police officers began using the aviators.

"I thought I was the last person who would wear aviator shaped sunglasses until I saw this style with pink lenses and tried them on. I was in love with them and there was no question I'd eventually buy them! They fit perfectly, are light weight and comfortable, don't slide down my nose, and the vision is perfectly clear and crisp."

A favorite of U.S. military pilots for more than 50 years, these all-business aviator sunglasses are a marvel of premium materials and precision engineering. If an understated badass look is your goal, look no further.

Who says top-notch sunglasses need to be expensive? This Luenx Aviator Sunglasses offers both the practical features of a classic aviator and the top-notch design you can add to your current style, without breaking the bank. This aviator has a polarized and UV-protected lens that effectively filter and block glares, all in a solid and durable metal frame. 041b061a72


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