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CrazyTalk 6 Pro Portable: A Powerful Tool for Creating Talking Characters

Have you ever wanted to make your photos talk? Or create animated characters for your videos, websites, or social media? If so, you might be interested in CrazyTalk 6 Pro Portable, a software that allows you to transform any 2D image into a fully animated talking digital actor within minutes.


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CrazyTalk 6 Pro Portable is a product of Reallusion, a company that specializes in 3D and facial animation software. It is a portable version of CrazyTalk 6 Pro, which means you can run it from a USB drive without installing it on your computer. It is also compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

In this article, we will introduce you to the features and benefits of CrazyTalk 6 Pro Portable, show you how to use it step by step, and tell you where to download it. By the end of this article, you will be able to create your own talking characters with ease and fun.

What is CrazyTalk 6 Pro Portable?

CrazyTalk 6 Pro Portable is a software that enables you to create and control a virtual cast of live talking characters ready to deliver an animated vocal performance for your video, web, mobile or messaging projects. All you need is a single photograph, recorded or imported audio, combined with transitional effects, animated illustrations and expressive emoticons.

CrazyTalk 6 Pro Portable uses a proprietary 3D photo morphing technology called Facetrix, which allows you to adjust the facial features and expressions of your characters with simple mouse clicks. You can also customize their appearance with natural Vivid-Eye intelligent cosmetics, such as eyelashes and eye makeup.

CrazyTalk 6 Pro Portable also supports multiple actor animation, which means you can create dialogue sequences with more than one character in a single project. You can arrange and edit the scenes on the Stage, where you can control the camera angles and movements. You can also export your projects as video files or upload them directly to YouTube.

Features and benefits of CrazyTalk 6 Pro Portable

Here are some of the main features and benefits of CrazyTalk 6 Pro Portable that make it stand out from other animation software:

Facial fitting technology

The facial fitting technology in CrazyTalk 6 Pro Portable enables more natural head rotation animation and smooth facial performance for animals, comics, robots, anime, machines, humans and beyond. You can easily align the facial features of your image with the predefined templates or manually adjust them for more accuracy. You can also import PNG, TGA, or BMP files with transparent backgrounds for more flexibility.

Multiple actor animation

The multiple actor animation feature in CrazyTalk 6 Pro Portable allows you to create realistic dialogue sequences with more than one character in a single project. You can import different images and assign them different voices and animations. You can also use the auto motion library to apply preset motions or create your own custom motions with keyframes.

Vivid eye technology

The vivid eye technology in CrazyTalk 6 Pro Portable lets you customize your characters' eyes with natural Vivid-Eye intelligent cosmetics. You can choose from different eyelash styles and eye makeup colors to match your characters' personalities and moods. You can also adjust the eye size, shape, position, rotation, iris color, pupil size, reflection intensity, and more.

Stage and interactive camera

The stage feature in CrazyTalk 6 Pro Portable brings it all together to coordinate and animate your cast. Multiple characters' timeline tracks are arranged on the Stage to allow complete camera control to shoot and direct who speaks and when in your projects. The interactive camera feature lets you pan and zoom around your project for Ken Burns style effects or make camera cuts between active talking characters.

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