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  1. To strongly encourage my church to adopt a child protection policy that includes zero-tolerance for any kind of abuse, thorough background screening for volunteers and paid staff who work with children and youth, and mandatory child protection training, including training on mandatory reporting of suspected abuse and neglect. 

  2. To not make any effort to dismiss, ignore, hide, cover-up, minimize, or deny any allegation of abuse that falls within my purview. I will confront the situation honestly, objectively, and with transparency.  

  3. To report without delay to the proper authorities any reasonable suspicions of abuse, whether I am legally required to or not, and to cooperate with law enforcement and encourage all parties to do likewise during an investigation in a genuine, sincere pursuit of the truth.

  4. To maintain a position of compassion and empathy to any alleged victims of abuse and refrain from ever blaming, shaming, slandering them or their families or those that are supporting and assisting them in bringing about a biblical and legal resolution.  

  5. To ensure that any person accused of abuse or other type of criminal misconduct is given the courtesy of the legal standard of innocent until proven guilty but is also removed from all positions of leadership until the investigation is completed and the matter is resolved. In the event of a proven false accusation, to do my best to help repair and restore the credibility of the falsely accused. To restore a guilty perpetrator only under the following conditions: when the person has

    1. Acknowledged full responsibility for their actions

    2. Repented of their sin

    3. Apologized to all parties involved and affected

    4. Fulfilled all legal and judicial requirements

    5. Submitted to biblical guidelines for church discipline, restoration, and fellowship

    6. Complied with all biblical qualifications for church leadership

    7. Accepted that they will be permanently disqualified from certain leadership positions, including from any position that works with children or youth and other vulnerable populations. 

  6. To focus on the full healing and restoration of the victim(s), their families, the church or ministry in which the abuse occurred, and restoring the credibility of the church, ministry or organization within the community. 

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