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Lolcat Bible Full Pdf Download

The project was praised by Ben Huh, owner of the website that popularized lolcats,[5], who noted that the LOLCat Bible had inspired other religious texts to be translated into LOLspeak, such as the Qur'an, and that it has made clear that "the ability to publish is now open to anyone".[2] An editorial in the Chicago Tribune commented, "The effort to translate the Bible into a language full of grammatical errors, hacker acronyms and Internet lingo may appear distasteful or blasphemous to some, but not to worry. Much of the translation only loosely follows the Bible. It's crowded with references to lolcats pictures and to ambiguous Internet humor, and these references can only be understood by people who spend too much time on the Web."[6]

Lolcat Bible Full Pdf Download

First published: 2018Description: Missa Lolcat was first proposed in discussions with Din, and finally received the impetus to be created, about 10 years later for the ROCS Internet-themed concert.Lolcats are photos of cats with, hopefully humorous, captions. Through the culture of lolcats, a dialect evolved that is sometimes called lolspeak, but otherwise also called lolcat.Various characters and themes became a part of lolcats: Ceiling Cat, Basement Cat, Hover Cat, Happy Cat, Long Cat, and others. Some of these characters were adopted for the lolcat version of the Bible.Missa Lolcat attempts to create a lolcat version of a choral mass. For the original text created for this work, I followed the guidelines of the Lolcat Bible project. The Credo is mostly taken from the lolcat Nicene Creed published on the lolcat Bible website.Musically, this work has the attention span of a cat, bouncing from one style to another within movements as well as between them. There are debts owed to Handel, Mozart, Rossini, Bulgarian music and African music. My own quirky tendencies in composition are also evident. There have been no attempts to advance musical knowledge, with each movement directly inspired by the words.The work is primarily dedicated to Din, who was the inspiration behind the work, and who was a consultant, and almost co-author in developing the text. I also dedicate it to Hannah, Sally, Kelvin and Adil, whose enthusiasm gave me the energy to keep going. 350c69d7ab


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