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La-mulana 2 Download PC Game _TOP_

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La-mulana 2 Download PC Game

La Mulana is many things: a homage to the MSX system, the Indiana Jones Metroidvania game I always wanted, fiendishly difficult, beautifully designed. Now that the enhanced Wiiware version finally has its PC release, available at Playism for $14.99, I've settled on a new description that should excite most of the people who have somehow failed to be excited already. La Mulana is Dark Souls as a retro platform game, requiring thought and care, and punishing the over-confident. Trailer below.

I also noticed that Playism, a digital download service operated by the localisers of the game which launched along with La Mulana's remake, hs Yume Nikki, the dream exploring oddity, available for free. Definitely worth taking a look at if you've never tried it before.

This article first appeared on USgamer, a partner publication of VG247. Some content, such as this article, has been migrated to VG247 for posterity after USgamer's closure - but it has not been edited or further vetted by the VG247 team.

I spoke briefly to Takumi Naramura, the game's lead designer, at this year's BitSummit to get the inside track on his work with La-Mulana 2. As a game so heavily geared around exploration and puzzle-solving, its show floor demo didn't offer much new information about how things are shaping up. Naramura, on the other hand, was more than happy to explain his team's vision for La-Mulana 2 and what players can expect.

Indeed, as Naramura explains, the entire La-Mulana concept hinges on nasty surprises. "We've been working on La Mulana 2 for a really long time, and there have been a few points where I've thought, 'We should really tone down the difficulty and make it easier,'" he says. "But each time, I come back to the same conclusion: If we do that, it's no longer really La Mulana." While Nigoro has no intention of toning down the game's wicked personality, though, he feels that the team's experience developing the first game through its numerous iterations, and the feedback they received from players, have helped them to find the perfect balance between fun and frustration.

"It's going to be a difficult game, but not ridiculously difficult. It's still got the same kind of challenge level as the original. The puzzle element should be a bit easier to get into and understand. Less confusion, more twitch challenge.

"It'll probably be impossible to get through the game without taking some notes. But I think it's become more reasonable than it was before. There'll be a lot of solutions you'll be able to figure out just by using logic and common sense. It's a lot less randomized."

Naramura says the team has also fine-tuned the action to be friendlier to players this time around. "One thing that's different from the previous game is that the physics are a bit easier. Before, when you jumped you couldn't maneuver in the air at all. But now when you jump, you can pull back a little bit. She's a little more controllable.

Despite the high level of complexity and difficulty the team has set as its target for La-Mulana 2, Naramura doesn't see their work as some sort of test of worthiness for players. Rather, he hopes it will encourage people to work together and create a community of support and sharing similar to the way gamers collaborated to complete brutally difficult games back in the old days.

"I'm not really sure how this sort of thing works in the U.S., but basically La-Mulana 2 is a puzzle game," he says. "I'd like not only for people to enjoy playing it, but also to enjoy watching it together and thinking about how to solve the puzzles. Streaming or whatever, I don't care how people play as long as they're playing! Everyone's got their own style for enjoying video games, and I fully support people making use of strategy guides and FAQs. When we were growing up, that's how we played games. Just so long as they're enjoying it."

Naramura once told me the original La-Mulana was designed to reflect a sort of alternate reality in which the MSX home computer line had survived beyond the 8-bit era. While the sequel doesn't hold fast to that specific sensibility, it nevertheless embodies the spirit of classic gaming. "We're not really conscious about the MSX spirit anymore, but we are still really full-on into the idea of 2D gaming evolved." He also encourages players to resort to old-school techniques, like swapping tips and manual mapping of the game world. "If you map everything out properly, there'll be a lot of puzzles that become a lot easier to solve," he teases.

"The subject of a port has come up several times. If there comes a time when you aren't able to download the game to any current systems, yeah, we definitely want to make sure that we can keep it available. There's nothing at all concrete about bringing it other platforms, but it's something we'll consider doing."

The Kickstarter campaign, from its video to its backer updates, shares the same tradition Nigoro developed to communicate with its fans way back when it was known as GR3 Project, a hobbyist maker of Flash games. As a small studio, the team figured that weekly intimate updates that were honest about the less positive aspects of making games would be a way of developing a following.

La-Mulana was known as a "Metroidvania"-style game (a 2D action platformer with an emphasis on non-linear exploration). That said, the real core of the game is in deciphering the riddles scattered throughout the game, and solving the puzzles that exist as part of the ruins.A classic experience: As with its predecessor, La-Mulana 2 will not feature a tutorial or a long-winded sidekick. As a seasoned explorer, it's up to you to discover the secrets hidden within the ruins and find the truth on your own.Explore at your own pace: By deciphering cryptic text on the monuments scattered throughout the ruins, you will gradually unravel the mystery of the ruins. Which parts of the sprawling underground you tackle, and in what order, is up to you. Sometimes you will need to use changes in backgrounds, mysterious sounds, the strength of enemies, or the sneakiness of traps to detect subtle changes in your surroundings. A colossal adventure: We have designed a variety of zones, and have created a mystery deep enough to encompass a gigantic cave system. This is a very large-scale indie title. We predict newcomers to the series will probably be able to clear the game in 20 to 30 hours. Because of the non-linear nature of Eg-Lana, La-Mulana 2 will have plenty of replayability.New horrors, new weapons: Plenty of ferocious and terrifying monsters and guardians stand in your way in the depths of this new underground network. Fortunately, you will also have an arsenal of tools and weapons at your disposal to help you on your journey.Widescreen support: The first La-Mulana was a remake of a retro-style game that ran in a 4:3 aspect ratio, which made widescreen support impossible. For La-Mulana 2, the various maps and rooms are designed to be 16:9-compatible, making it perfect for widescreen TVs and monitors.

Ok, so this game captures the true essence of adventuring into the unknown. Hitting switches and not knowing what will happen is so 50/50. It could open a secret passage or it could cause the ceiling to collapse on you, Every step is you freaking out on what could or could not happen. Hidden levers, Switches and enemies are everywhere. The action is tight, The pace of unlocks is balanced with an amazing world to discover. Fast travel coming in early worried me at first but soon you see why that had to happen and thank God that it did! The game is just so much fun to play and one that will have you playing for hours upon hours as you forget to blink, Sweat as you walk past a weird symbol. All this mind and you still have the treasure chests to get, Solve puzzles and all the action using weapons. In short, this game builds upon everything that made the first game a classic, So basically go buy it and thank me later.

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