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Sometimes older women tell girls to dress more conservatively because they think they are protecting young women from male aggression. But the example given of cultures where women literally hide under clothes with only their eyes peeking out is instructive. Women in those places are not more safe. Older people also misunderstand the cultural signals of the younger generation. Because clothes are signals but the culture changes. Showing a movie about how a prostitute dressed in the mid 80's is not only slut shaming, it's irrelevant now. Some girls do wear revealing clothes because school is boring and demoralizing and they want attention from boys to make it more interesting and boost their ego. But not all girls, probably not even most girls, wear revealing clothes for that reason. And if they do, the schools should start by making the classroom a more compelling and exciting learning environment so the kids change their focus. And teach girls that they can have other avenues of power (through their brains and talents and character and hard work) besides their sexuality. Either way, boys can ignore girls' clothes and bodies if they want to. If they struggle with that, it's a learning opportunity so they won't end up getting sued for harassment when out in the real world. Boys don't get punished for having bodies that people find attractive, so neither should girls get punished for that. Most kids just want to feel comfortable and are not signaling anything to anyone else with their clothing choices except their efforts to belong in the group (through dressing like their friends), or their personal style. Regardless, the signal a pair of leggings or spaghetti straps sends to a fifteen year old kid today is not the same signal that the same clothing item sent thirty years ago. And any adult who thinks a teenaged girl is signaling to him is delusional and dangerous (and disgusting). Schools should never slut shame girls for any reason no matter what. The adults are the ones with the power, creating the atmosphere that allows the boys to claim the girls distracted them rather than owning their boredom or attention problems or learning struggles. No one else can make you feel something or fail something. Schools that encourage boys to blame girls for their problems are teaching aggression against women instead of modeling personal responsibility. When it comes to clothes, I like the adage "dress for the job" and the idea of appropriateness. You don't wear a bathing suit to chem lab nor heels to play soccer. The appropriateness is about the job you're there to do, not the way others perceive you. And the rules have to be equitable for the boys and the girls, always. Boys need to be socialized in schools to respect girls and see them as equals and students, not sex objects. Adults have to change their attitudes and stop adding fuel to the boys' misogynistic fire. And yet we will never stop all boys and men from being dangerous predators. There will always be risks for girls and women, unfortunately. We also have to teach our girls to protect themselves and recognize dangerous people and situations. They have to learn to choose for themselves how they dress and send signals and what risks they are comfortable with. We have to teach them not to be cowed by the sexists to cover up nor pressured by peers to dress in a way that is more revealing than they are comfortable with, just to fit in. Because that happens too - girls just trying to fit in and act more adult-like than they feel. There is so much cultural pressure on girls to sexualize themselves too early now. Girls deserve to be confident no matter how they look, to be allowed to be non-objectified "girls," for much longer, not forced at ever-younger ages into objectified/sexualized "women" before they are ready, or to be free to safely explore their sexuality without judgment if that's what they're ready for. But they decide, no one else. These dress codes are all about justifying the male gaze and forcing girls into an objectified, self-restricting mindset too early. Bottom line is schools need to discipline inappropriate behavior, not police bodies or clothes, especially on girls, that make other people uncomfortable. Girls are told to manage their feelings when boys say nasty things or exclude them from leadership opportunities all the time -instead of boys being taught to change their behavior and stop trying to intimidate people or gang up against girls and minorities or use their privilege unfairly. (The same is true of course about BIPOC being told to manage their feelings when they are denied opportunities or mistreated.) Schools need to teach boys to manage their own uncomfortable feelings, rather than forcing girls to cover up! We'll never get to a better society if schools encourage and reinforce everything that's wrong now. Kudos to any girl or parent of a girl who fights back.

These girls are told that their clothes are a \u201Cdistraction\u201D from learning, as if their male peers are incapable of absorbing algebra while in the presence of bare legs. (There is no equivalent concern, of course, that pulling girls out of class might be a distraction to their education.)

In Virginia, for example, a teenager was kicked out of her prom because her classmates\u2019 fathers complained she was inspiring \u201Cimpure thoughts.\u201D Why should girls be punished for adult men\u2019s fucked up brains?

The issue isn't just why girls are disciplined, but how. At a school in North Dakota, for example, administrators banned girls from wearing leggings and had them watch clips from Pretty Woman to prove that only sex workers wore tight pants. And in Florida, a high school dean made a teenager \u201Cmove around\u201D to gauge how inappropriate her breasts looked. The girl, who wasn\u2019t wearing a bra because she was recovering from a severe sunburn, was then forced to put bandaids over her nipples.

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