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Moto G 2nd Gen Down In Price

Now, the successor to Motorola's best-ever-selling smartphone, the 2nd Gen Moto G (2nd Gen), has a large 5in display, giving you great value performance on a big screen. At the time, it was incredible that Motorola managed to keep the price down to 145, but now the 2nd Gen Moto G has some serious competition from the 125 Vodafone Smart Ultra 6, which has a faster chipset, a 5.5in Full HD display and a bigger, 13-megapixel camera.

Moto G 2nd gen down in price

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Outdoors, our photos looked rich and much more natural than the old Moto G's images, and there was much more detail on show. The brickwork in our test scene was crystal-clear and the sky didn't suffer from any signs of overexposure. Objects further away were a little fuzzy compared to those in the foreground, but it's still a huge step up from most other budget cameras from similarly priced phones.

When the first iteration of the Moto G arrived last year, it ended up being somewhat of an industry game-changer: The device single-handedly propelled Motorola back into the smartphone big leagues, particularly in overseas markets. The reason? The Moto G was packed with competitive hardware, designed with ease-of-use in mind, and was priced at well under $200.

If the screen is completely black, shine a bright light on the front sensor. If the screen brightens up, go to the pull down menu and adjust the brightness accordingly. You can also lock the screen with the power button, then swipe up once, down twice, and try moving your finger left to right at the top of the screen to try and adjust the brightness setting.

Since Moto G only comes with a standard USB cable and no charger, you have to use another charger you have lying around. If your phone recently ran out of battery and doesn't seem to charge, let the phone cool down and then plug it into the charger for about 20 minutes. While still charging, hold down the power key for 20 seconds. If this doesn't work use a different charger, preferably one with a charge rated between 500mA and 1.5A.

If the charger has been working, but the phone suddenly won't turn on, plug the phone into the charger and hold the power button and volume down button for 2 minutes (a timer may be helpful). After 2 minutes the screen with the "Normal Reboot" option highlighted should appear, and you can press volume up to boot it. If this doesn't work you should contact your retailer, your carrier, or Motorola.

To clear the cache, first have the phone powered off. Next, hold the volume down button for a few seconds, press the power button, and then release. When the boot options appear, use the volume down key to scroll to recovery and press the volume up key to select. When the logo with an exclamation mark appears, press and hold the volume up key for 10-15 seconds, and without letting go, press and release the power key to display additional options. Use the volume down key to scroll to "wipe cache" and press the power button to select. Your phone will the reboot. Note: This should not delete all pictures and other media stored in the camera but it is still recommended that you have a backup of the media before you clear the cache and data.

One of the biggest selling points of the Moto G last year was its unbeatable price tag of $179, and that remains the same with the current iteration as well, which is a huge plus. It does lack LTE connectivity which is a bit of a let down, but its price point more than makes up for any shortcomings it may have.

Chinese handset maker Xiaomi has raised its game in the past few days to cash in on the Indian affordable smartphone segment, announcing a cut in prices of its Redmi 2 (now Rs 5,999) and Redmi Note 4G (now Rs 7,999).

If your budget is a bit bigger, there are, of course, better devices to be had. As of late, however, Motorola seems to have a pattern of launching devices "on-sale" and just never-ending that initial sale, or in the case of the Moto G 5G, increasing that discount over time. While it launched with an MSRP of $400, on sale at $350, the Moto G 5G has even been as low as $300. Alternatively, one can be had for even less, if you're willing to settle for a cut-down model from T-Mobile with just 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, all for the oddly specific price of $222.

The screen is bright enough to read outdoors, but it doesn't look good, and you might have to squint or angle the phone to make everything out. Compare that to something like the Pixel 6a, which has an OLED display that's easy to read outside. At twice the price of the Moto G 5G, Samsung's flagship phones have displays that look almost as incredible in direct sunlight as they do indoors.

If you were looking to get into "Diablo Immortal," this isn't a great option since it's prone to chug with that game, even in the tutorial. That extra frame rate doesn't add up to much when you can't even run the game at 60fps, especially since it's already at 720p. While turning the graphics down will smooth things out, it isn't going to look particularly eye-pleasing due to that low resolution. If you wanted an extended gaming session with something more casual, I managed to play through all five-ish hours of "There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension" in a day, the majority of which was during a single sitting. I did have to throw it on charge at the end of that day, but that's not bad after a day with so much extra screen time.

* 5G service available with 5G plan. 5G network coverage required; available only in select areas; device not compatible with all 5G networks. Contact your service provider for details.Based on 5G sub-6GHz network connectivity, providing 125-360Mbps download speeds to the average user. Available with 5G service plan and 5G network coverage. See carrier for details.

To compare the three, we put together a classic chart to show the differences. I can imagine that a number of you are debating between the three, so this should help in your research. Below, you will find price, specs, connectivity, and color options for each phone.

Today only, however, and while supplies last, Amazon has the 2nd-generation Motorola Moto G (8GB) for $149.99, shipped. Regular price: $179.99. (Spoiler: The G was already a killer deal. Now it's just killer-er.)

Meanwhile, the G has "only" a 720p display, but it's a super-roomy 5-incher, which to my eyes looks great. And although 8GB of storage isn't much, there's a microSD slot for adding up to 32GB more (at a price of around $15 to $20).

Apple Watch Standalone: Unlimited on US network only. Video streams at up to 1.5 Mbps (480p); may affect speed of video downloads. 3G-speed MHS. No Int'l svcs. Compatible phone required for initial activation.

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The Motorola Moto G 5G, refreshed for 2022, sits in the middle of the smartphone market at $399.99. There are plenty of phones available for $300 or even less, and a handful of competitive models that sell near the $500 mark. In other words, the Moto G 5G has to work hard to stand out agains